Xbox 360

This guide will help you set up your Xbox 360.

If you are using multiple Wi-Fi networks you may have to repeat this setup when you change to a different Wi-Fi network.

There are number of steps involved but fortunately this should only be necessary once. We have divided this into three categories.

A. Link to playmoTV
  1. Navigate all the way to the right and select Settings
  2. Select Console Settings > Language and Locale and choose United States.
  3. From Settings select Network Settings
  4. You can either choose Wired settings or WiFi. We use wired in this case.
  5. Select Configure Network
  6. Click DNS settings
  7. On your remote press the red B button to go back
  8. Select Test Xbox LIVE Connection – this should tell you that everything is OK. If not make sure you have done everything according to the steps above.
  9. To make sure your settings have been successfully changed you may need to turn off your Xbox 360 by holding the big Xbox button in the middle of your remote until you see this screen.

Devices in testing / Experimental support

The following devices are supported but we haven't fully supported it and made the linking instructions.
Please feel free to try them if you own them.

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