Hey! We’ve made some great changes

There’s some great changes coming to playmoTV and we wanted to take a moment and make sure we laid out all the details so you know what to expect as we continue to make our service better for you guys!

Just a quick summary for those who don’t have much time :) We’ve are rolling out our new authentication feature. We connect users to their IP address but we’ve made sure our system knows how to do this automatically so in most cases you will not feel a thing. In fact just by reading this (if you are logged in) we should have automatically updated your location. In the meantime we are launching a few new features in your playmoTV Dashboard, more will come. You can now change your playmoTV profile (your name and password), update your location (if our servers for some reason didn’t do it automatically) and a few other pretty straightforward features.

That’s our short version. If you are still interrested, here is the long one:


The first and most important change you’ll see very shortly, if you haven’t already, is our new authentication feature. This is a step that makes the playmoTV service much more secure and allows us to offer a much better service. If you’ve been using playmoTV on an iOS device, Apple TV, Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 or have changed your location since your last visit, you may get a message which asks you to visit the playmoTV website.

Once you do, you’ll see an image like the one below

That’s it! Not too bad right? All your linked devices are set to go but a very quick restart on your streaming device might be needed. We all need a quick restart every now and then :) This update is going to be rolling out to members very slowly, so we don’t disrupt your House of Cards marathon. If you haven’t gotten the pop-up from us yet, you will soon. A bit about why this bit of extra work on your part is important and why you may have to do it:

  • playmoTV now authenticates your location based upon your IP address. Our system does this automatically, so all you have to do is head over to the website (which we’d love if you did anyway, ‘cause we think it’s pretty) and that’s it! Don’t worry you can still stream to multiple locations.
  • We have been working hard over the past few months to develop new platforms built around supporting streaming from several other countries, including the United Kingdom. This new authentication step is a required part of that development.
  • Your Internet router does sometimes change its IP address which will make you look like a stranger to us. Just by visiting our website and being logged in – will update your new “location”.
  • We’ve added a bit of extra security to keep our members’ information secure and to keep our servers running like a finely-oiled machine. From playmoTV’s birth, we’ve tried to stay out of your way so you could stream as smoothly as possible.
  • Ever since we dropped beta in May 2012 we’ve been working very hard to provide the best possible streaming experience for everyone willing to pay a small fee for our service. We always encourage your feedback on our billing structure.

Dashboard Upgrades We love when stuff looks good. And we love even more when we can make stuff look good and make it easier for people to use our service. So, we’ve made some small tweaks to the playmoTV Dashboard. Head on over to your Dashboardto check it out. Here’s a short rundown of what we’ve done so far but more features will be coming soon:

  • Update My Location: If for some reason our system doesn’t automatically update your location by visiting our website (which it should 99% of the time), you can update it manually here.
  • Edit My Profile: Okay, seriously. Stop using ‘1234’ as your password :) It’s insecure, really easy for bad people to guess and is driving your IT guy at your office crazy.
  • Tell Your Friends: Want $5? We encourage you to take our money – playmoTV will give you $5 for each friend you refer to our service (and subscribes). It’s worth a few minutes of mass e-mailing, Facebook messaging and Tweeting, right?
  • Close My Account: There’s a programmer here named Tom whose baby kitten cries every single time a member closes their account. Seriously. I mean, after hearing that if you still want to close your account, this is the option you’d select to do it, but I honestly don’t know how you could live with yourself.
  • Unlink From playmoTV: If you ever wanted to break up with us, you’d click here and disconnect your devices. We can stay friends, we promise. And we’ll always take you back – you were the best thing that’s ever happened to us. Really, it’s true that other member was just a fling and…
  • Report a Bug: Pretty straightforward; we’re only human so help us out. Click here to let us know if you see something that seems a little off. No matter how small you think it is, we want to know about it.

So there you go! This update is just the first of many to come. As always, our goal is to provide our members with great service and we think this update does just that. If you need help with anything at all (playmoTV related; we’re bad with picking horse race winners, etc.) visit the Help Center (help.playmo.tv) for further information or just shoot us a message by clicking here. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for being a member of playmoTV! Happy Streaming!

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