Disney Plus

Disney Plus (Disney+) is a premium subscription streaming service from Disney. The Disney corporation can easily be described as juggernauts in this business even though their service is relatively new, as their content catalog consists of family essential items like Lucasfilm/Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and more.

Disney Plus is only available in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands at the moment, but with the magic of playmoTV DNS, you can access the US version of Disney Plus even though you are outside these regions.

How to access Disney Plus in a few easy steps

  1. Sign up for playmoTV DNS.
  2. Configure your device to use our DNS servers, as that should unblock Disney Plus on your device.
  3. Sign up for Disney+.


Does your service let me watch Disney Plus for free?

No. We are a standalone Smart DNS service. You need to sign up for Disney Plus additionally.

How much does Disney Plus cost?

Disney Plus costs $6.99/month.

How do I sign up for Disney Plus? Can I use my credit card?

If you sign up on the Disney Plus website, then the service will check the origin of your credit card or PayPal account. Therefore, you need to have a US credit card or a US PayPal account to sign up for the service on their website.

Therefore you have two options to sign up for Disney Plus:
1. Recommended method: Sign up for Disney+ via their apps on iOS (iPhone, iPad or Apple TV), Fire TV or Android. (You need to have a US iOS account to download the app on iOS and Apple TV). If you’ve gone through the trouble of creating a US Apple account and you fund it using gift cards, then you should be all set.
2. You can buy a US pre-paid credit card and sign up on their site. We present it as an option, but we don’t recommend it as these pre-paid cards are usually not sold at sticker value unless you can buy them physically when you are visiting the US in stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens etc.

You can watch on these devices

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