How to Watch the English Premier League via playmoTV

Last Updated: August 11th 2017.

The English Premier League is undoubtedly the biggest football league in the world (or soccer for those living west of the Atlantic) and coveted by football fans around the world. It’s no wonder that the EPL is popular as the league features world class footballers like Sergio Agüero, Alexis Sanchez, Eden Hazard.

It gives us great joy to announce that you can enjoy the English Premier League via playmoTV. You can view live games via Sling, Hulu Live TV, fuboTV, DirecTV NOW, Viaplay and NOW TV , and if match highlights will suffice then you can watch the popular show Match of the Day live on BBC iPlayer or TVPlayer.


If you sign up for Sling Blue (costs from $25/month) you get access to a variety of channels. One of those channels is NBC Sports, which along with CNBC and NBC broadcasts live games from the EPL (CNBC is $10 extra, a part of the News extra package). To maximize Premier League and football coverage you want Sling Blue along with these two packages:

Some Premier League games are streamed live on CNBC, so you want the News Extra add-on if you want to catch as many games as possible.

The Sports Extra add-on is great if you wanna enjoy the Spanish La Liga, the Champions League and more.

Sling is available on the new 4th generation Apple TV. They also have applications on the Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TVs, Xbox One, along with iOS and Android apps,

How do I pay for Sling?
You can pay for Sling using your credit card, but you might need to add some digits to your zip code so Sling recognizes it as a US zip code. (For example, if you live in Manchester, UK,  your zip code might be M4 3AJ. If so, enter something like 43500 or 43599). Get it?

Click here if you wanna sign up for Sling.

Bonus tip: Choose their Sports Extra add-on ($10/month extra) for La Liga games and the Champions League. Sling Blue also supports two simultaneous streams so you can share your account with a friend.

fuboTV / DirecTV NOW

Based on how they write their service name you might think we’re partners, but fuboTV is not connected to playmoTV in any way. Unlike Sling and DirecTV NOW, fuboTV’s primary focus is live sports, so you get a lot without any add-ons. Their service costs $34.99, which is $5/month cheaper than Sling but you don’t get the official NBC channel which has the odd game here and there.

Click here if you wanna sign up for fuboTV.

DirecTV NOW is also big because they’re a huge broadcast provider owned by AT&T, and you can get all the NBC channels required to stream Premier League games in their basic package.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV deserves an honorary mention. It’s late in the live TV game, but what Hulu offers that other services lack is a major catalog of of easily accessible TV shows and movies in addition to its live TV offering, so if you only want to use one service for everything, then Hulu Live TV might be the choice for you.

The only caveat is that in order to pay for Hulu you need to fund your subscription with Hulu gift cards, which you can buy from GiftCardCabin and are delivered instantly.


Viaplay is a Nordic service. They offer a couple of packages, one of which is a Sports Package that costs just over $40/month. ViaPlay covers the English Premier League, the La Liga and the Champions League and a lot of other sporting events. It’s a bit pricier than Sling, but they air more EPL games and other live sporting events, so you get a lot for the money. The only caveat with ViaPlay is that you get Nordic commentators, so you might pick up a word or two in Danish if you get their package :)

Viaplay is available on the Apple TV (2nd and 3rd Generation with the latest software update, and the new Apple TV). They also have applications on Smart TVs, game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) along with iOS and Android apps.

How do I pay for Viaplay?
Sadly you can only pay for Viaplay with Scandinavian credit cards, so if you don’t have one you have to seek an alternative service.

Click here if you wanna sign up for Viaplay.


NOW TV is a streaming service by Sky. SKY Sports will be airing 126 live games this seasons, available via the SKY Sports Monthly Pass, which costs £33.99 (around $45/month).

NOW TV is available on almost all major devices (they claim to support over 60 devices). The service works on Apple TV (old and new), PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and iOS and Android.

NOW TV is great if you want the official SKY Sports coverage with Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher etc., but bear in mind that BT Sports also has the rights to some games, and there is no service that airs the 3 PM Saturday games, so you don’t get as many games.

Click here if you wanna sign up for Now TV.

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