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Getting Started is Simple

Sign Up: Sign up for the playmoTV affiliate program.

Get links and materials: Get your affiliate link and promotional materials and start promoting playmoTV.

Get your commission: For every purchase you refer you get a commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get paid?

You can receive payments through PayPal at the moment.

Is there a minimum payout requirement?

Yes, the minimum payout limit is only $20.

Where Can I Promote playmoTV?

You are free to use your affiliate link wherever you see fit. We do not, however, condone spamming, and any affiliate caught doing so will be banned and their affiliate payments will be void. When you use affiliate links, you agree to the Terms of Service. Remember that some local laws will require you to inform your readers that you will receive a commission for sales generated through your affiliate link.

How can I see when I have made a sale?

Log in to your account to view the dashboard for statistics on clicks and sales generated by your affiliate link.

Can I use my own affiliate link for my own purchases?

No, you cannot get a rebate using your own affiliate link.