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With playmoTV DNS you can unblock most of the world's biggest streaming services. Access BBC iPlayer (UK) one minute and Hulu (US) the next without changing servers!


Don't take our word for it. This is what our users say about playmoTV DNS.

Vic Jan 2019
Just want to say that your product & service is excellent, no effort & in short just what I need. Thankyou!
Lou Dec 2019

Thank you for your attention and excellent service!! We are very grateful as getting American TV provides us with a connection “home” and something familiar.

Karla April 2020
I am thoroughly enjoying it and I will definitely be signing up when the trial period is up…I PROMISE. The set up and sign up was masterfully simple!
Shaheed Nov 2018

I’m happy to report that the CBS app is working once more. Thanks for sticking with it and getting this resolved for me.

Michael Sep 2020

It is working now…thanks for your help. I’ve always loved Playmo and recommend it to others all the time.

Abdulrahman Nov 2019

It works!!! Thank you soooo much for your help. It is indeed that playmotv is the best service and it’s team is the best team, I am forever grateful for your help:))

Eric Jan 2018

Thank you it is working great, no issues at all. Everything is working which is different to my previous provider.

Danielle Jan 2018

I absolutely love playmo. No issues streaming Hulu. Going to check HBO and others today.

Herv Aug 2019

I appreciate your speedy reply to the matter! Thank you very much!! Happy to use your services!!!

Nathaniel Feb 2018

Thank you!! Gotta love the rapid service.

David July 2018

I installed a router in my house and i setted up playmo dns into this and NOW everything is workin fine!!! :) I’m so happy right now, because the Hulu live tv is so amazing.

Ivan Sep 2020

Thanks. It’s working. Got no clue how you guys do what you do, but it’s great!

Ariel Sep 2017

Already checked, it’s working. I appreciate the fact you guys have great customer service, keep it up!

Ranmeet Dec 2019

Once again, you guys never fail to impress. Job well done.

Steven March 2018

This is the first service I have found recently that actually works with BBC and ITV iPlayers.

Stephen Jan 2018

Very impressed so far! Was having trouble with un*****or working with Sling TV and this has worked on all services so far

Fahd Nov 2019

You’re a superstar – it works great!! Thanks a million, as always I really really appreciate your service.

Richard Nov 2019

I can confirm that Disney+ is working on my end! Please extend my thanks to your awesome team.

Jessica Nov 2019

I appreciate everything you have done to help me out here. I value your time.

Arthur Nov 2020

Tried others similar services with no luck. Playmo was easy and am very happy. Thanks for this invaluable service.

Claudia Oct 2019

Thanks for responding. I don’t know what I’d do without Playmo TV


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