The playmoTV Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is a way for you to earn money by spreading the good word about our service. We pay $12 for every referred user who becomes our customer.

By signing up as an affiliate you will be provided with your personal referral link which you can post on your blog, Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, emailed or even printed on flyers.

New visitors following this link will be identified as your referrals and will get an extended trial period of 30 days as benefit. Once they become customers we will set $12 aside for you.

Earn $12 for each user you refer as a playmoTV customer

  • Get early access to new features on playmoTV
  • Get paid $5 for each referred users. You will need to reach $50 before requesting your payout.
  • Access design content for your blog or website.

The affiliate program is a three step process:

  1. Referred users land on our website a cookie with your personal referral code is written in their browsers which is valid for 7 days.
  2. If the user signs up for a trial account within a week the user will count as your referral.
  3. No matter when the user decides to become a customer the first $12 will be earmarked for you.

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