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Why playmoTV VPN and DNS?

  1. Smart VPN: Our VPN server makes it possible for you to access US and UK content simultaneously. All services not listed on will default to US. This option offers the best channel selection, and access to US Netflix.

    Plus, in those tricky spots where smart DNS falls short (like many hotel Wi-Fis and specific ISPs) – our VPN is your reliable gateway. Stay connected, anywhere, anytime.
  2. Smart DNS: This is included with our VPN plan, but also available as a separate option. Our smart DNS plan is a must for those that wanna use our service on devices that don’t offer VPN support.
  3. Unblock over 100 global channels and 50 streaming services
  4. Enhance Your Browsing with Ad and Tracker Blocking: Select DNS servers featuring integrated ad and tracking blockers, resulting in faster and more pleasant web browsing. This feature effectively reduces ads in various apps and games, sometimes offering an experience similar to premium, ad-free plans
  5. Friendly and helpful support: We are consumers here, so we treat our users like we would like to be treated. In the past we have helped our users configure their devices but also pick routers, streaming devices and more.
  6. Multiple locations allowed: Unlike our competitors, you can use playmoTV DNS from 3 locations at the same time!