Get ready for a prettier Netflix!

Netflix has rolled out a new update that extends their Super HD service to all of it’s customers. Previously, the company was only providing Super HD to those customers whose internet service providers partnered with it’s Open Connection service. Now, however, everyone can enjoy seeing their favorite Netflix shows and movies in exquisitely crisp and clear high definition.

Better news still – you can finally watch the newest action flicks in stunning 3D! Netflix is rolling out 3D capabilities to all of it’s customers as well, so settle in to watch Tony Stark fly out of your screen in Iron Man or dodge some undead with Brad Pitt in World War Z.

Netflix uses a dynamic video optimization system, which means the actual quality of the film or TV show is affected by the speed that Netflix is able to send your favorite device the picture. Today’s announcement means they’re going to be sending the best possible picture at the fastest possible speed, so the ball’s in your court, there my friend – call up your internet service provider and tell ‘em you need your entertainment fix and to speed up your connection!

And, don’t forget that playmoTV is your best connection to all the HD/3D goodness that Netflix and tons of other streaming services have to offer!

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