The “Notorious” RP (Russell Peters) heading to Netflix!

Russell Peter’s “Notorious” Comedy Special became available for Netflix users looking for a solid laugh on October 14th! The streaming service is starting out with original comedy specials and they’ve picked a winner in Peters for the first go round. The special runs 70-minutes and is absolutely, positively no-holds-barred comedy from the minute Peter’s steps on stage. There are no boundaries what-so-ever, which makes for a truly authentic comedy experience. You’ll laugh until you cry all while feeling incredibly uncomfortable (don’t worry, it’s that good kind of uncomfortable, not the “my dog died” kind). From pregnant women to folks in the first row, no group is spared the skewer.

Want more Peter’s? Good, ‘cause Netflix is serving up a four part documentary series about the making of the stand up show and Peter’s “Notorious” tour. It just goes to show that the man is not only funny on stage, he’s funny in his everyday life as well.

“Notorious” by Russell Peters on Netflix is an absolute must watch for playmoTV subscribers and it’s out right now – get going! And look out for more great original content from Netflix coming soon!

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