Supercharge your Netflix

Netflix continues to be one of our favorite streaming services out there and we know it’s yours too. That’s why we love to hear that the company’s agenda to expand across the globe! A stronger Netflix streaming experience means a better experience for you, right? Yes! Each time they expand to a new country, your local catalogue becomes available to stream.

But there is one catch!

Because Netflix has to individually negotiate streaming rights in each country, the catalogue of shows in other areas of the world remain really limited. That’s why Netflix has pumped the most resources into the US version of its service.

For that reason we always have and will continue to, offer the US Netflix catalogue via the playmoTV gateway – it’s hands down the best and we strive to give you the best possible experience we can!

Our service, playmoTV, gives users around the world access to the US Netflix catalogue just as if they were US residents. By adding playmoTV to the mix you might see some great improvements to your movie/TV show selection. Users from the UK, Canada, South America, Scandinavia and now, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland can use their local Netflix account and still enjoy the great catalogue of shows from the US version of Netflix, with the help of yours truly, playmoTV!

To get you on board, we want to offer you a DOUBLE trial period.
That’s 14 days of FREE streaming days via the playmoTV gateway. We really think that once you see what we have to offer (and start watching some of the great US shows for free with your playmoTV account) you’ll be hooked and want to stick with us.



We’re super pumped to have you – Happy Streaming!

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