Over the past few months our team has working tirelessly (as always) on improving our playmoTV linker for Mac and making a revamped Windows version, thus replacing our first generation of the playmoTV linker for Windows.

Like with most software companies, it took us a while and some trial and error to find our groove, but we believe that we’ve really hit our stride now.

Why should I install the playmoTV linker?
On the setup pages for the playmoTV linker (Mac | Windows) we mention that our linker does two things, and it does those things very well:

  1. It links/unlinks your computer to/from the playmoTV gateway with one click.
  2. It updates your IP address automatically, so you don’t have to visit our site to update your location.

#1: Linking computers to the playmoTV gateway can be a cumbersome process, especially on Windows computers, where users have to dig into complicated network settings. Making changes to network settings comes easy for some users but is like climbing Mount Everest to others.

#2: Our authentication system gives your IP address a green light, so you can watch Netflix and other geo-blocked services via the playmoTV gateway. This is a necessary evil because otherwise users would be able to simply add our DNS servers to their devices and stream our supported services for free. Furthermore, knowing your IP address is essential with our Netflix Switcher. This feature might be reason enough to keep the linker running on your home computer, even though you may not watch Netflix and other geo-blocked services on it.

Even with this big update we don’t consider the playmoTV linker to be a finished product, and much like all the applications you run on a daily basis, our applications will get updates, bug fixes and new features that we think will be handy for our users.

Download the linker right now for free on Mac or Windows