DNS ad-blocking playmoTV

We’re happy to announce that now you can block ads and further protect your privacy via the playmoTV DNS gateway. By using any of the DNS servers listed at the end of this post you can access digital media (like before), remove unwanted ads and block web trackers, resulting in a faster and open internet. We think you will enjoy it.

During our tests, we noticed that when using any of the DNS servers with these new features, that the website load would decrease by 20-30%, sometimes more.

Here are a few examples of the bandwidth savings when using our DNS servers with tracking and ad-blocking capabilities.

Website           Standard visit      New DNS servers
Buzzfeed.com 3,3 MB 2,7 MB = 18% less data
HuffPost.com 602 KB 153 KB = 75% less data
CNN.com 4,1 MB 2,0 MB = 51% less data


But I use an ad-blocker!

That is great, and your ad-blocker might be sufficient for your needs, but some ad-blockers can be heavy on your system resources, thus affecting its performance.

Some ad-blockers also allow certain ads through their ad-blocker, while others sell aggregate blocking data to publishers and ad networks so they can monitor their ad performance.

Certain websites are able to detect an ad-blocker and limit you from accessing their content unless it’s disabled.

Advantages of DNS based ad-blocking

Using our DNS based ad-blocker will block ads and trackers on all browsers. That way, you are able to block ads when using Chrome on iOS, where you are not able to install an ad-blocker. This applies to laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, TVs. Pretty much all devices with internet connectivity in your home.

Our DNS based ad-blocker should also improve your network performance because the ads and trackers are blocked before the site loads, whereas many ad-blockers download the ads and just hide them.

How can start using these servers?

The new ad-blocking DNS servers are currently available for beta testing, so if you wanna try it out, then set your device to any of these DNS servers (pick the server that’s geographically the closest one from your location):




The locations were picked based user feedback. We welcome any feedback or bug reports when using these DNS servers on your devices.