With iOS 15, Apple introduced a new featured called iCloud Private Relay, which is a new feature for all iOS users that pay for iCloud storage, or what Apple calls iCloud+.

iCloud Private Relay is meant to obfuscate web traffic so tracking platforms, internet providers etc. are unable to see your actual IP address.

How is this related to playmoTV Smart DNS?

If you use Safari on iOS, which is what most of our users do, then you might run into issues when you try authenticating a new IP address on your iOS device after a streaming service stops working on TV connected devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku and game consoles.

If that happens, you need either turn off Private Relay or use a different browser on iOS when you authenticate a new IP address on playmo.tv/my-account. Otherwise, we will authenticate the IP address given to us by Apple, which is usually an IP address from internet backbone companies like Akamai, Cloudflare or Fastly instead of your actual IP address.

We don’t mean to say that you should or shouldn’t use iCloud Private Relay, but we just want you to know it could be the culprit when you suddenly experience a service disruption with us.

How to turn off iCloud Private Relay

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Then click [Your Name] (Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases) at the top.
  3. Now click iCloud, then click Private Relay (Beta) and change the toggle to OFF.