What is Plex?

Plex is a free streaming service that considers itself to be the home for free movies and TV, giving you access to over 200 Live TV channels and thousands of on-demand titles.

The service has a decent selection of mostly movies, but some TV shows as well. With Plex being free, the service is ad-support so users can expect to watch some ads in exchange for free service.

Before we continue, it’s important to distinguish Plex the streaming service from Plex, the free media server software.

A) Plex the streaming service is a way for you to watch free movies and TV inside the Plex app. If you use playmoTV DNS then you get access to the US catalog of Plex, which has a far better selection of content than most other regions.

b) Plex the media server. This is something for those that have a large local library of content and need a way to organize that library and share it with friends.

When you use playmoTV DNS to enjoy Plex, it does not affect access to Plex media servers, that are run by either yourself, friend or family member.

I wanna access Plex right now. What do I need to do?
If you’re not a playmoTV user then you need to do the following (existing users that are linked can go to step 3):

  1. Sign up for a playmoTV account (takes less than a minute if you sign up via Facebook)
  2. Link your computer or device to the playmoTV gateway so we can help you access Channel 5.
  3. Go to their website, watch.plex.tv, or get their app and start streaming. Yes, it’s that easy!

How to much does service cost?

It’s free and fully supported with ads.

How to subscribe/access service?

Just visit the site. You can stream without an account, but creating an account should make it easier for you to keep track of what you’ve already watched, add movies to your list of things to see etc.

Supported devices for service

If you have an active account with playmoTV, and you are linked to our beloved playmoTV DNS gateway, then you can access Plex anywhere in the world on its supported devices.

Website: watch.plex.tv