What is Sjonvarp Simans?

Sjonvarp Simans is the largest cable TV operator in Iceland. It offers both live and on-demand content, and its flagship product is the English Premier League.

We have a lot of Icelandic expats and other fans of Icelandic content that live outside of the Iceland that enjoy access to the service via the playmoTV DNS gateway.

I wanna access Sjonvarp Simans now! What do I need to do?

If you are a playmoTV DNS user you can access Sjonvarp Simans outside Iceland (as a matter of fact anywhere in the world), as long as you configure your device to use our DNS servers, and your location is authenticated by our system.

If you’re not a playmoTV DNS user then you need to do the following (existing users linked to our service can go to step 3):

  1. Sign up for a playmoTV DNS account (takes less than a minute if you sign up via Google or Facebook)
  2. Link your computer or device to the playmoTV gateway so we can help you access RUV.
  3. Open the Sjonvarp Simans app and start streaming. Yes, it’s that easy!

Does playmoTV DNS come with a Sjonvarp Simans account?

No, playmoTV DNS only helps you gain access to RUV. Sjonvarp Simans requires you to have an Icelandic electronic ID to sign up for their service, so either you or someone you know needs to have that in order to sign up for their service.

How much does Sjonvarp Simans cost?

Their packages vary based on what you want. Their Premium service costs 6900 ISK/month which includes access to English Premier League brodcasts and their SVOD streaming service. If you only want standalone access to the English Premier League, then it’s 4900 ISK/month.



What content is on Sjonvarp Simans?

Sjonvarp Simans is split into:

  1. Live content: You get live access to all the live channels included in your TV package.
  2. On-demand content: Here you have on-demand access to many popular shows, with their flagship shows being domestic shows like Venjulegt Fólk (e. Normal People) and Systrabönd (e. Sisterhood).

Supported devices for Sjonvarp Simans

We support Sjonvarp Simans on the following devices:

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Apple TV (4th generation or newer).
  • Android
  • Android TV.
  • Amazon Fire TV

Website: sjonvarp.siminn.is