The consensus among Dexter fans around the world is that the original series had one of the worst finales in TV history. SHOWTIME hopes that a new reboot, Dexter: New Blood, will make up for it.

The series premiered on Nov 7th, and six episodes have already been aired in this 10 episode Mini-Series, which will conclude on Jan 9, 2022. That means that if you sign up now, you can watch the entire season in one month.

Spoiler alert: On the off chance that you’re currently watching the original Dexter series anywhere, the following paragraphs will include some spoilers.

In Dexter: New Blood, Dexter has escaped Miami, lives in Upstate New York and goes by the name “Jim Lindsay”, a worker in a fishing/hunting shop. He hasn’t killed for over a decade, but clearly wants to scratch that old itch.

Dexter: New Blood is premiered on the SHOWTIME app at midnight (US time) on Sundays.

How to get the Showtime app (or other US-only apps)

It’s worth noting that as SHOWTIME is only available in the US, you need to be able download the SHOWTIME, SHOWTIME AnyTime or Hulu app on your device. Here’s how to do that on the most popular devices we know of:

  1. Android and Android TV. For those devices you can simply sideload the SHOWTIME app on your device if you can’t find it in the Play Store. We recommend our guide here on the best way to sideload apps on Android TV.
  2. Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Switching regions on the Amazon Fire TV devices is a rather simple process. Just follow our guide on how to install apps from different regions. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to install SHOWTIME or any other US-only app on your Fire TV device. It’s worth noting though that you may need to have a US billing address saved in your default payment settings if you wish to pay for subscriptions via the Fire TV app for SHOWTIME. A good solution for that is by using a virtual credit card provider like StatesCard.
  3. Apple TV (and also iPad/iPhone): If you don’t have any payments or subscriptions on your current Apple account, then you can switch the region on your Apple account to the US. Once you’ve done that, you can fund your Apple account by using gift cards from a provider like GiftCardCabin or by using a virtual credit card provider like StatesCard.

How to get SHOWTIME

There are various ways to get SHOWTIME. We’re gonna outline the most popular ways to get SHOWTIME.

The SHOWTIME app (or the Showtime website)

You can get SHOWTIME by going to or getting the Showtime app on iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku etc. If you don’t see the SHOWTIME app on your device you might need to switch regions in the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Play Store or Roku Channel Store.

SHOWTIME via Apple TV Channels

If you have an Apple TV and a US Apple account, then you can subscribe to Showtime inside the “TV” app through the Apple TV Channels service. The TV app also content from various services like Hulu and ESPN to name two examples and displays it in one place. Apple TV Channels often offers a better user experience for consumers as they can pay through their Apple ID and watch content natively inside the TV app.

SHOWTIME as a Hulu add-on

If you subscribe to Hulu you can get SHOWTIME as a Premium Add-on to your basic Hulu service, and view Showtime content in the Hulu app or via the SHOWTIME AnyTime (which is only for users that get SHOWTIME as part of some streaming or cable bundle).

It’s worth noting that if you pay for Hulu with the use of Hulu gift cards you may run into problems switching plans, so for this to work you need to either choose Hulu + SHOWTIME when signing up for Hulu, or use a virtual credit card provider like StatesCard to pay for your Hulu subscription.

SHOWTIME via Prime Video Channels

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime Video US and you have a US billing address linked to your account, then you should be able to subscribe to SHOWTIME.

Other methods

If you subscribe to Sling TV, fuboTV or other live TV streaming services, then you can usually purchase SHOWTIME as a premium add-on for that service.

On what devices is SHOWTIME available?

The service is available on the following devices: