The new playmoTV year

Now that the holidays are over and we’re all constantly writing the wrong year on documents, its a fitting time to look back at what has happened here at playmoTV and where we’re headed in the next few months!

It’s been quite the year for the playmoTV stream team – we’ve made tons of changes, tweaks and edits to our system that we hope you guys enjoy. Our team has been expanded to ensure that we can continue to deliver a great product and, more importantly, move playmoTV forward in new and exciting directions.

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Our Help Center

From the moment we launched playmoTV we have strived to give our users quality support – going the extra mile whenever we can. So far users have been able to submit their questions, using our feedback form, to initiate a conversation with our support team.

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Feedback Update

playmoTV feedback update

We have been having some issues with our e-mail system which resulted in our missing some feedback from users. The issue has been resolved but we are unable to retrieve all submitted and unanswered questions.

User support is very important to us because not only does it help us resolve issues but it also helps us prioritise our to-do list.

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Soon we will be dropping beta …

… and by soon I mean in the coming weeks. In the spirit of transparency we want to communicate the message to our beta users in advance. From the get-go we have tried to keep you guys involved in what is happening here on our blog, in the comments, on our Facebook wall, via Twitter and by e-mailing status updates. While some beta users have been more engaging than others we are grateful for everyone who has pitched in with a comment, a question or a suggestion. There are even a few with whom we are in daily contact with. You know who you are :p.

Since starting playmoTV beta last October we have gone through three stages. First the focus was on the system foundations, adding new channels and devices. Soon after New Years’ growing the number of users was priority no. 1 and for the last few weeks financial sustainability has been our mantra. Each stage has had its challenges but it has been a lot of fun and I really feel everyone in the team has learnt a thing or two and grown personally as a consequence.

Every new user will be able to test drive playmoTV for 7 days for free

When we drop beta we will start charging $499/mo with the option to buy 1, 3, 6 and twelve months or simply by monthly subscription for convenience. There will however be a discount for those who commit themselves to a longer billing period:

  • 12 months @ $4999 (17% discount)
  • 6 months @ $2599 (13% discount)
  • 3 months @ $1399 (7% discount)

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4 months+ of playmoTV

It has been a while since our last playmoTV oriented blog post. Lately we have been announcing new features, support for new devices and channels. I know some of our users are interested in playmoTV itself and I want to share a little more with you guys what we are doing from day to day, the progress we are making, and the main challenges we are facing – both technical and otherwise.

The word seems to be spreading fast. We are getting popular and our user base has been increasing rapidly over the last weeks. Over 60% of our traffic is driven by word of mouth which means you guys are rockin’ it.

99% of the search traffic contains the word playmoTV lifting direct traffic over 60%

The user base has more than doubled in just one month and this has mainly been driven by users originating from the United Kingdom and Ireland. As a consequence there have been growing pains. Some users from the United Kingdom have reported sluggishness during peak hours (8pm – 11pm GMT) and we have even had some downtime caused by overloaded servers.

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