Our biggest upgrade ever

Hi Streamers!

You may remember back in November we were rather long winded about a number of changes and improvements we were going to be making to the playmoTV system this year. It’s time for one of those improvements! Today and over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out our brand new and shiny playmoTV Smart DNS structure.

Our new lineup of DNS servers is ready but you need to be too.

We are asking all playmoTV streamers to update their DNS on every device. Here is the full lineup but you can also visit our Setup page and pick your device for our detailed setup instructions.

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Feedback Update

playmoTV feedback update

We have been having some issues with our e-mail system which resulted in our missing some feedback from users. The issue has been resolved but we are unable to retrieve all submitted and unanswered questions.

User support is very important to us because not only does it help us resolve issues but it also helps us prioritise our to-do list.

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ABC Currently Unavailable

ABC has been making some major changes to their streaming service which we need to adjust on our end. We unfortunately don’t have an ETA (we are working on it) but we can assure you that all TV shows they have available (and much more) for streaming can be watched on Hulu which is of course supported by playmoTV.

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Service Redundancy

I know that some of you have been waiting for a while to get your beta invitation for playmoTV. The service has been running on a backup server at a reduced capacity ever since the hard disk crashed in one of our cloud servers and to maximise service quality we have had to limit the rate of invitations.

UPDATE 2012-03-29: The newly introduced redundancy server has not been receiving and sending network traffic reliably and we believe this is the reason for the non-deterministic behaviour some beta users have been experiencing. Therefore we have disabled the server until we have found a solution. Until then we have stopped inviting new users again.

UPDATE 2012-04-13: New redundancy server in place. Invites being sent out as we speak.

We are not there yet but this is a significant milestone

We have quietly been working on a failover system to eliminate the single-point-of-failure (SPOF) we previously had. There are to be honest still some SPOFs which we will continue to eliminate but this is a significant service redundancy milestone and it means we will be inviting most of you guys very soon.

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