New on HBO: The Night Of

The Night Of

The Night Of debuted on HBO on July 10 and all initial impressions are going to two things – a. This is a great show, and; b. This is exactly the show HBO needs right now.

As the Home Box Office goes into the Game of Thrones winter, the network needs something that will keep subscribers paying their dues. The Night Of is just the ticket. More than 2.8 million viewers across a variety of platforms (television, website, tablet, etc.) tuned into to watch the series premiere. We did too and here’s our take.

The series is an adaptation from the British show Criminal Justice. The American version details the son of a New York taxi driver, who takes the cab to head to a party. He picks up a woman seeking a ride and after a drug and booze-fueled evening of sex, awakens to find her stabbed to death with no recollection of how she died. He doesn’t quite know what to do so flees with the murder weapon and is subsequently arrested.

HBO originally ordered a pilot of the series in 2012 and after filming it, opted for an additional seven episodes. The lawyer who eventually picks up the case of Naz, the young man at the center of the story, is played by James Gandolfini for much of the first episode. Unfortunately, Gandolfini died shortly after the pilot was completed and the lawyer, named Jack Stone, is played by John Turturro.

The first episode is riveting from beginning to end and we don’t want to ruin it for you. But the big question we asked ourselves is this: Why did he run? After finding himself on the kitchen floor with the woman stabbed to death…why run? There’s something we’re not seeing here and we can’t wait to find out what it is.

Moreover, why did they bring him back to the scene of the crime? Sure, they didn’t think he was a suspect at the time, but…jeez.

With a 90% score on Metacritic and a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, we think this show is going to be a great one for HBO and a great one for you streamers. Check it out as new episodes air weekly.

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Returning shows on HBO


Three great series have returned to HBO and they are of course all supported and streaming via playmoTV on all your devices.

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones

Now streaming weekly it’s sixth season but if you still haven’t caught up then do it now before the spoilers catch up to you.

Silicon ValleySilicon Valley

The Pied Piper team is still fighting and returnes with their third season of this great geeky comedy.


Season 5 of the political satire comedy Veep is now airing on HBO. This season is getting some great reviews so it’s worth adding to your favorites.

New episodes premiere on HBO on Sundays. A great reason to stay home on Sundays for the next few weeks.

You can watch HBO via playmoTV on your computer, iOS device, Playstation or Xbox.

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It’s been a pretty eventful few weeks here at playmoTV and we can’t thank all of you enough for your support. We know that the little ickiness involving our Netflix Switcher came as a surprise, but there are other streaming options out there to fill the void and we’re here to announce that we’ve got some new and exciting options for you!

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HBO Now has arrived

It’s finally here!

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