IMDb Top 250 Movies Available on Netflix

Note: This list will be updated periodically, so feel free to check in later for updated information.

If you watch more than five movies a year, you are probably aware of IMDb’s Top 250 list, which is undoubtedly the most famous movie list ever made. Regardless of your opinion on it, many feel it’s a fair representation of the best movies ever made because it’s composed of aggregated votes from millions of IMDb users, people like you and me.

Top 250 IMDb Movies on Netflix

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The new playmoTV year

Now that the holidays are over and we’re all constantly writing the wrong year on documents, its a fitting time to look back at what has happened here at playmoTV and where we’re headed in the next few months!

It’s been quite the year for the playmoTV stream team – we’ve made tons of changes, tweaks and edits to our system that we hope you guys enjoy. Our team has been expanded to ensure that we can continue to deliver a great product and, more importantly, move playmoTV forward in new and exciting directions.

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The “Notorious” RP (Russell Peters) heading to Netflix!

Russell Peter’s “Notorious” Comedy Special became available for Netflix users looking for a solid laugh on October 14th! The streaming service is starting out with original comedy specials and they’ve picked a winner in Peters for the first go round. The special runs 70-minutes and is absolutely, positively no-holds-barred comedy from the minute Peter’s steps on stage. There are no boundaries what-so-ever, which makes for a truly authentic comedy experience. You’ll laugh until you cry all while feeling incredibly uncomfortable (don’t worry, it’s that good kind of uncomfortable, not the “my dog died” kind). From pregnant women to folks in the first row, no group is spared the skewer.

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Get ready for a prettier Netflix!

Netflix has rolled out a new update that extends their Super HD service to all of it’s customers. Previously, the company was only providing Super HD to those customers whose internet service providers partnered with it’s Open Connection service. Now, however, everyone can enjoy seeing their favorite Netflix shows and movies in exquisitely crisp and clear high definition.

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Mostly hidden Apple TV features

I use my Apple TV a lot. I haven’t bothered jail-breaking it so I mostly stream Netflix and iTunes. Sometimes just before falling asleep I take my iPad and continue watching Netflix in bed before I doze off into dreamland.

UPDATE 2012-05-18: It turns out that most of the films rented from the Apple iTunes store also come with closed captions. To enable CC in iTunes content choose:
Settings > Audio & Video > Closed Captioning > On

It always bothered me that when watching Netflix on my iPad (or laptop) I could get closed captions (CC) but not on my Apple TV. Well, it turns out you can. By accident I held down the main button for 2 seconds when streaming Netflix on my Apple TV and immediately a new menu popped up allowing me to select the CC language.

This led me to check what would happen while holding the button down while streaming iTunes and it turns out if you do that you are presented with chapter selection menu similar to a DVD chapter selection.

So for you playmoTV beta users out there, who own Apple TVs, we recommend trying it out.

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